Life is a highway. Life has an uncanny way of punching you in the face at most corners, the amazing thing is that 70% of the time, we know those punches lie in wait, and yet we keep on, and act surprised when we surface with a black eye. Still we continue to trod. Longing to be quenched amidst the harsh conditions, we get lemons but hardly ever make lemonade. Why.Because we are afraid. Because we believe the pilgrim behind us will make better lemonade, so we drink the bitter fruit, and throw the rest on the road, and hope they pick up after us. We walk on and wait for our fellow pilgrims to catch up, hoping they have made lemonade, they have naught to show. We get disappointed, hoping still the ones after them will have the heart. And history marches on, 90% of whom may never ever use their full potential to make delicious lemonade. What a tragedy.

Are you in that 90% or are you making lemonade right now?

I want to run back down that highway and pick up all the lemons that I dropped – either on purpose or after my baggage got heavy – and squeeze every last drop of juice out of ’em. But I can’t. There is no return on that highway. I was watching a movie a few months ago where a father and son got to sit down and talk about courage to do even the smallest things. The father, on giving courage tips to the son, said when you know you have to do something, but can’t seem to pluck up the courage, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, count to three, and – break a leg!

Quite simple really. Time to make lemonade.


Published by: dawntoeve

Hungry for development. For myself, for my people. There is a developed world out there that exists, and I want to be a part of that world, whilst embracing my roots. Love writing. It's therapeutic. Freedom. Haven't published anything yet, but that's a place I would not shut out. Dreams again, but reachable. Enjoy good tunes- soul, blues, jazz, swing, classic rock, pop rock, contemporary rock, metal. Appreciate the art of photography, and I have a thing or two for cats. And dogs. Love Jesus, Saviour of my soul.

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