30 and counting…

I’m a 30-year-old, single woman who loves to read and write, although I have not done that as a hobby for a very long while. I started this blog a couple of years ago out of the need and desire to write – about pretty much anything that captures my imagination. Keeping journals throughout my whole Uni life was an addiction, where I wrote endlessly about important things and trivial things. I figured this blog would be similar to that, only  here I would have an audience. 

Writing gives me a high, a euphoria I can’t quite explain. There’s nothing quite like it. That doesn’t mean I’m a good writer, though that’s something I definitely  aspire to. Here’s hoping my imaginations, dreams and questions about life can be communicated adequately, creatively even. 

I just wanna write, and be read. 


Published by: dawntoeve

Hungry for development. For myself, for my people. There is a developed world out there that exists, and I want to be a part of that world, whilst embracing my roots. Love writing. It's therapeutic. Freedom. Haven't published anything yet, but that's a place I would not shut out. Dreams again, but reachable. Enjoy good tunes- soul, blues, jazz, swing, classic rock, pop rock, contemporary rock, metal. Appreciate the art of photography, and I have a thing or two for cats. And dogs. Love Jesus, Saviour of my soul.

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